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He will do a good job, he is very reliable, and he is very professional. I can trust that he will get the job done efficiently at a reasonable cost. I am very satisfied. - Becky G.

He is very professional and good at what he does.He could fix anything that I needed help with. - Beth W

I think that he is a great person to work with. He is very positive, agreeable, and does a good job. I like that he is on call. I can schedule him pretty quickly and he is just one person. He can sometimes come the next day. - B.E.E.

His prices are fair, he is efficient, he cleans up very nicely after himself, which is hard to find, and he is personable. When he is not sure of something, he asks someone else who may know more than him. That I can leave it in his hands - C.R.C.R.

He is reliable. He is honest and his estimate is correct. He will not add things in the future. - Y.L.T.L.

He is extremely scrupulous about money and he rounds it off to the 10 minutes. He has everything organized and he has tools for anything. He is all together very professional. Reliability - Anne H.

He shows up on time, he does what he committed to do, and he charges a fair price.
Gifford was an individual to me and not a company. He knew what the problem was when he came here and he told me what part to order and it was the correct part. He came and installed it promptly when I told him I got it and the problem was resolved. He is a good guy and I have recommended him to other people. - Bob D.

He did a good job. A lot of times, when people come into your house they make a mess and they are not careful. He was careful, not messy, and he did a good job.
- Ella B.

I had a dripping faucet and he went down to the hardware store to get the replacement part, which I appreciated. He took care of it right then and there. He did the job that I requested and I am satisfied with the work that he did. - Elvira L.

Gifford is very pleasant and the few jobs he has done for me have been perfect. As far as I am concerned, he is my handyman for all my needs. I recommend him to friends. How pleasant he is and because his work has been so good, I don't have to worry or watch over him. - Gerald W.